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Have you achieved your full potential in work and in life?

Would you like to augment your leadership and management skills?

Are you using emotional intelligence to develop strong business and personal relationships?

How is your work/life balance? How do you handle stress?

Does your career/business energize and inspire you?

What is holding you back from having the career, relationships and life that you have always desired?

Do you want to manage your ADD/ADHD more effectively, tap into your gifts and talents, develop lasting relationships, and achieve your full potential?

· Pathfinder Coaching and Consulting offers the following services to help you achieve what you want in business and in life:

Executive Coaching and Leadership Development - is about supporting executives, managers and leaders in visioning, goal setting, problem solving and achieving career, corporate and individual goals previously thought to be unattainable. I work with corporations and leaders to identify leadership and teamwork issues, develop action plans and effect changes to ensure the highest functioning leaders and teams an organization can have. I also work with corporations to introduce coaching into the management and human development processes and the organizational culture.

Relationship and Organizational Systems Coaching - is about helping people develop strong, cohesive and intentional relationships in their work and in their lives.

I work with:

  • businesses and corporations to develop partnerships and teams which work effectively together to achieve collaborative visions and goals.
  • businesses, organizations and groups to resolve conflicts, disagreements and entrenched disputes and positions.
  • couples, partners and family businesses on the development of congruent and aligned personal and business relationships.

Business and Professional Coaching - is about helping business people, entrepreneurs and professionals to clearly identify visions, goals and targets and supporting and challenging them in achieving them and more. I serve as a sounding board, motivator, mentor and a catalyst to support business people and professionals in finding clarity, balance, success and insight in their businesses and their lives. I also coach and mentor coaches, counselors and therapists.

Career Coaching - is about supporting professionals and executives in career transition or career exploration to identify their gifts, talents and passions and to locate a position or start a business or professional practice that will fulfill their calling or passion.

Personal Life Coaching - is about supporting individuals in finding more meaning, balance, joy and effectiveness in their lives. I help individuals find direction in their lives and achieve results they did not think possible previously. Finding clarity of life purpose, overcoming fears and obstacles, tapping into creative gifts and talents, achieving balance and living a fully engaged, connected and conscious life are areas that I work on with my clients. I guide individuals in finding a balance of mind, body, spirit and soul. I also coach partners and couples.

Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADD/ADHD) Coaching - Bruce works with adults with ADD/ADHD to help them understand and effectively live with and manage their conditions including focusing, paying attention, calming hyperactive and impulsive tendencies, developing and implementing plans, overcoming resistance, organizing, managing stress, managing time effectively, and building and sustaining relationships. He helps executives, professionals and entrepreneurs to manage their conditions, tap into their creativity, wisdom and gifts and optimize their effectiveness in business, life, and relationships. Bruce also works with partners, couples and families to live effectively with their ADD/ADHD and build aligned personal and professional relationships.

Assessments - Bruce provides a variety of executive, career, team, emotional intelligence, cultural, ADHD, and personal assessments which provide valuable information in the development of professional, personal and organizational development plans. Some of the assessments he works with clients on are 360 performance reviews, emotional intelligence, MBTI, DISC Insights, team diagnostics, cultural assessments, enneagram, MAPP career assessments, and a variety of other assessments which inform client awareness and development.

Consulting - Bruce provides the following consulting and training services:

  • Facilitation of meetings and retreats
  • Strategic planning and strategy development
  • Succession planning
  • Talent Management
  • CEO and Board development and evaluation
  • Coaching training
  • Development of in-house coaching programs
  • Organization redesign and development
  • Government and corporate relations


About Bruce – Bruce Sandy is a certified leadership, career, relationship, ADHD, and organizational systems coach and consultant with over 25 years of experience as a coach, consultant, executive, career counsellor, entrepreneur, leadership trainer, emotional intelligence practitioner, ADHD coach, and relationship and organizational systems professional. He works with organizations, executives, leaders, teams, partners, couples and adults with ADD/ADHD in North America and around the globe. He is a certified member of the International Coach Federation(ICF) and was a founding director and Board member of the Vancouver Chapter of the ICF.

Bruce holds an undergraduate degree in neuropsychology and clinical psychology from the University of British Columbia and graduate degrees in public and health services administration and organizational development from Dalhousie University. He received his coaching training from the Coaches Training Institute and advanced specialty coaching training from The Centre for Right Relationship, Team Coaching International, the Newfield Network, and the ADD Coach Academy. Bruce is certified in emotional intelligence and has certification and advanced training in transpersonal counselling and spiritual guidance.

Bruce writes for and is a regular contributor for a number of newspapers and business publications on leadership, career, team building, emotional intelligence and relationship issues. He is also a keynote speaker and has appeared on a number of radio programs. He enjoys time with family and friends, travel, scuba diving, hiking, kayaking, yoga, and volunteer work with professional, environmental and humanitarian organizations.


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